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Resources for Pet Owners

pet resources

Providing resources and support to our pet owners is important to all of us at Peninsula Center Pet Hospital. These pet care tools were selected to educate, enlighten, delight, and enrich you and your family.

  • Our educational library provides you with a collection of informative pet care articles and videos created by veterinary professionals and specialists.
  • Every member of the family enjoys showing off pets and documenting their growth in our pet picture gallery.
  • Check out the most current news from our office, as well as our favorite links to pet-related organizations and resources.
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New to Peninsula Center Pet Hospital

If you are a new client, we invite you to learn about our policies and download convenient online forms. Before your first visit, we invite you to take a virtual tour of our hospital and meet Dr. Herrera and the staff.

Pet Loss Resources

When you’ve lost a pet, or may soon face that sad day, we offer our pet loss support & resources.

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Dr. Herrera LOVES the animals that she takes care of! A senior cattle dog had been taken to Dr. Herrera to be euthanized, and she would NOT do it! There was no reason for this dog to be euthanized and Dr. Herrera chose to take responsibility for this senior girl instead. She took care of her for a month while trying to find a foster parent. I became the foster parent! And I thank Dr. Herrera everyday for allowing me to become the mom to an amazing senior cattle dog who became my dog and who I loved until her final day! -Penny Sprague