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Our Animal Health Care Team at Peninsula Center Pet Hospital


Joana Hernandez

Joana Hernandez

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Marissa Sanchez

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David Martinez

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Wendy Lopez

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Michelle Castillo

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Marieke Mack

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Crystal Luna

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Ricardo Valle

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Jennifer Wood

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Lawrence Weisman

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Anh Do

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Bailey Pirtle

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Rodolfo Isidoro

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Herbert Valle

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Dr. Herrera LOVES the animals that she takes care of! A senior cattle dog had been taken to Dr. Herrera to be euthanized, and she would NOT do it! There was no reason for this dog to be euthanized and Dr. Herrera chose to take responsibility for this senior girl instead. She took care of her for a month while trying to find a foster parent. I became the foster parent! And I thank Dr. Herrera everyday for allowing me to become the mom to an amazing senior cattle dog who became my dog and who I loved until her final day! -Penny Sprague
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