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Prevent & Treat Pet Heart Disease at Peninsula Center

pet cardiology

Peninsula Center Pet Hospital provides cardiology services for pets, including the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease and defects. For the convenience of our patients and pet owners, we work with a board-certified radiologist and cardiologist who can provide services on site.

Heart Disease in Pets

Veterinary cardiology addresses diseases and disorders of the heart. Many senior dogs and cats develop heart disease, but heart problems can occur in pets of all ages.

Very young pets may be born with heart abnormalities or defects. Additionally there are many breed- or age-related problems that can affect the heart. Regular wellness checkups go a long way toward detecting problems in the earliest stages.

Some Heart Diseases Are Preventable

Some diseases can secondarily cause heart problems, if not caught and treated promptly. Dental disease, kidney and other metabolic diseases, and parasites can have an impact on the heart and other organs.

Pets with these untreated diseases may experience permanent repercussions. Simple and reasonable deterrents to this type of disease are readily available today: annual dental exams and cleaning and monthly heartworm preventives if indicated.

Added Resources

Browse this selection of articles about heart disease in dogs and cats.

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