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Veterinary Care for Puppies & Kittens

puppy and kitten care

The first year of your dog or cat’s life is so exciting for both you and your new pet. Be prepared for all the changes a new animal brings into the house! With this in mind, Peninsula Center Pet Hospital provides you with the veterinary care and first-year advice you need to ensure a safe and happy home for your puppy or kitten.

In general, puppies and kittens should be examined, vaccinated, and dewormed every three weeks until they are 16 weeks old. During these important exams, our veterinarian can examine health status, vaccinate as needed, deworm as needed, answer any training or behavioral issues, and address any spaying/neutering and microchip plans. Our doctor is always happy to answer any questions regarding your special pet.

Before we begin a vaccination or health care regimen for your pet, Peninsula Center Pet Hospital will tailor a special plan just for your puppy or kitten!!

Our vaccination recommendations are based on the American Animal Hospital Association’s guidelines for dogs and cats.

We also offer the Lyme disease and the rattlesnake vaccines for puppies at risk. Please consult with us for your pet’s special needs.

Learn more about our wellness care and nutrition for adult pets and special care for senior pets.

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Dr. Peggy Herrera is a dedicated professional, whom we trust completely. More than that, she is always available, "a friend in need," to my four-legged family and me.
-Betty Davidson and Sugar