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Dental Care

Both cats and dogs need regular dental care
Almost all of our patients show indications of oral disease. Bad breath, broken teeth, bleeding or inflamed gums, or a change in eating habits are strong indicators of dental disease. As these diseases advance, infection can enter the bloodstream and cause organ disease. Preventive dental care and basic treatments for diseased teeth and gums may extend and improve the life of your pet.

Heart murmurs are most often caused by periodontal disease, which happens when the plaque and tartar that build up on teeth attack the heart's valves. Periodontal disease may go unnoticed in many of our dogs (particularly cats) because they are skilled at masking their suffering.

The slow emergence of periodontal disease makes it easy for our patients to overlook it. Please bring your pet in for dental cleanings on a frequent basis to maintain their mouths as clean as possible.

Preventative dental care is offered at Peninsula Center Animal Clinic in addition to a comprehensive variety of dental treatments.

  • Oral health examinations
  • Tooth cleaning and X-rays of the mouth are recommended by veterinarians at least twice a year, with extractions as a last resort.
  • Basic oral surgery
  • Keeping patients comfortable during and after dental procedures

For anesthetic operations, we strongly recommend routine lab testing, so we can utilize this data to make any required modifications to the processor monitoring to ensure the health and safety of your pet.

All dental care and treatments are designed to meet your pet’s specific needs, based on age, breed, size, and overall condition. Contact our hospital to discuss your pet’s dental care.