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Peninsula Center Animal Hospital provides the finest surgical treatment in the area. We have a network of veterinary surgical experts we may rely on if surgery is outside our scope of expertise.

Our hospital performs animal surgery on a regular basis:

  • Neutering and vaccinating
  • Disposal of foreign objects
  • Laceration is mended
  • C-section births.
  • Removal of the cancerous growth
  • Disposal of a bladder stone
  • Healing a fracture
  • Treatment options include TPLO and patellar repair.

Our physicians suggest that you bring your pet in for thorough lab work prior to surgery in order to assure the safety of your pet. Our team performs these tests to detect minor issues before administering a general anesthetic, therefore reducing the potential for serious complications. Further diagnostics such as radiography or ultrasound may be offered by your care team in certain situations to ensure that they have all the information required to provide the best possible treatment for your pet.

Throughout the surgery, we monitor blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and blood oxygen levels. Monitoring continues until our patient is alert and fully recovered from anesthesia. Pain management is critical to proper healing, and all patients are discharged with a plan to address post-operative pain.

To learn more about surgery at Peninsula Center Animal Hospital, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.